I do without the detailed representation of my profile on this page. Please have a look at my profiles at GULP and which are constantly updated.

There you can get information to my current availability, hourly rate, training, education, study, professional experience, project experience, references, languages, etc...

Nevertheless, I would like to describe some points more exactly here, which are not sufficiently represented in my GULP profile.

Visited seminars, training courses, conferences

  • (2015/1T) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2015, Docker, JPA 2.1
  • (2015/1T) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2015
  • (2014/1T) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2014, BigData, AngularJS
  • (2014/1T) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2014
  • (2014/3T) Visit of several talks about BigData during JAX/BigDataCon 2014 Mainz
  • (2013/1T) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2013, Web architectures, WebSockets
  • (2013/1T) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2013
  • (2013/2T) Visit of several talks about BigData during JAX/BigDataCon 2013 Mainz
  • (2013/1T) Hadoop & BigData Workshop on BigDataCon 2013 Mainz
  • (2012/2T) Mobile Developer Conference Stuttgart (MDC)
  • (2012/1T) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2012, iOS-Entwicklung, Sencha Touch
  • (2012/1T) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2012
  • (2011/1T) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2011
  • (2010) Visit of several talks organized by Java-User-Group Stuttgart (JUGS)
  • (2010/1d) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2010, Development with Android, Agile with Scrum - flexible and efficient software development
  • (2010/1d) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2010
  • (2009/1d) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2009, Careers in the IT business, BPNM - Business Process Modeling Notation
  • (2009/1d) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2009
  • (2008/1d) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2008, Portals and Portlets + JSF, GWT - Google Web Toolkit
  • (2008/1d) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2008
  • (2007/1d) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2007, Service Oriented Architecture, Web 2.0 - Mashups, AJAX, ...
  • (2007/1d) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2007
  • (2005/1d) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2005, Refactoring, Hibernate 3.0
  • (2005/1d) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2005
  • (2004/1d) Experten Forum Stuttgart (EFS) 2004, Stuttgart, Seven pillars of IT project management, JavaServer Faces (JSF)
  • (2004/1d) Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) 2004, Stuttgart
  • (2003/2d) JAX 2003, Frankfurt-Mörfelden
  • (2002/1d) Together Control Center ((Introduction)
  • (2000/1w) English in England at it's best (English in Brighton)
  • (1999/3d) Project management in the debis Systemhaus
  • (1999/3d) Free speach and convincing argumentation
  • (1998/4d) C application programming under UNIX
  • Printable Curriculum Vitae

    CV in PDF file format (Acrobat Reader)

    Thesis/diploma at the Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Reutlingen (in German)

    "Sichere Abwicklung von Geschäftsvorgängen im Internet"

    Thesis in DOC format (1,2MB) (Microsoft Word)
    Document template (DOT) for thesis (Microsoft Word)
    Presentation/introduction (200KB) (PDF/Acrobat Reader)